Excellence in banking services

Santander Private Banking offers you a global service that covers all your needs, even the most common. Therefore, you will have exclusive products at your disposal with which to carry out your usual operations, meeting the same levels of performance as for the rest of our products.

From current accounts and deposits, to mobile payments or carrying out the main queries and operations using our app. In addition, when travelling, you can rely on the Private Banking cards and make your purchases securely anywhere in the world.

Cuenta Santander PB

A current account created for your daily banking operations and designed so that our customers can also enjoy the quality of the Private Banking service in their transactions.

Benefits of the Cuenta Santander PB

  • Free: The Cuenta Santander PB will support all your usual collections and payments without any account fees.
  • No fees: There are no account management or maintenance fees.
  • Changes to direct debits: You can make changes to direct debits for free.
  • Free national transfers.
  • Free cheque deposits at any financial institution in Spain.

More information

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Cards for your purchases

Santander PB 4B Debit Card, accepted worldwide

The Santander PB 4B Debit Card is exclusively for Santander Private Banking clients. Accepted worldwide, it offers:

  • Purchases made in foreign currency without any type of fees.
  • Free debit cash withdrawals at any Santander ATM in the world1.
  • SMS Alert Service.
  • Secure E-Commerce service.
  • Accident insurance included2.
  • ATM robbery insurance2.

Santander PB Gold Visa, peace of mind and protection

The Santander PB Gold Visa credit card3 is exclusively for Santander Private Banking clients. With a wide range of cover and services, the purpose of the Santander PB Gold Visa is to offer a card with unique benefits:

  • SMS Alert Service.
  • Safe and easy to use with authorisation for payment of purchases and cash withdrawals from ATMs using a PIN (four-digit personal code).
  • Purchase Protection Insurance2.
  • €0 liability in the event of fraud.
  • Travel2 and accident insurance2 included.

Santander PB Unlimited Card, unlimited privileges

The Santander PB Unlimited Card3 is a unique credit card due to its security features, services and personal assistance.

These are the advantages of the Santander PB Unlimited Card:

  • Personal telephone assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Free access to VIP Lounges at the world's major airports via the Priority Pass card.
  • Absence of Customer Liability in the event of fraudulent use.
  • SMS Alert Service.
  • Insurance included at no extra cost4:
  • Travel Accidents: with a maximum compensation of €1,500,000 when travelling on public transport or in a rented car paid for with the card.
  • Medical costs for travel abroad up to €7,500,000.
  • Insurance against loss or delay of luggage.
  • Civil Liability when travelling up to €1,500,000.
  • Purchase protection insurance up to €3,000.

More information

If you want to know more, contact us on

915 123 123

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