Each customer is unique

In Private Banking you will find services that are tailored to your financial situation, your investment objectives and your liquidity needs, and they can also cover any need related to your assets.

Knowing them is essential

For this reason, you have your own Private Banker who will dedicate the necessary time to know your investor profile and it will help them define your objectives.

In Private Banking we

  • have an in-depth knowledge of the financial situation, previous experiences and the investment profile of each person.
  • take into account the tax matters that may interest each customer.
  • adjust to the type and the situation of the particular customer.
  • adapt to the characteristics of the customer as an investor.

How do we find out your needs?

In order for the Private Banker to better understand your needs as a customer, you must complete the suitability test. This questionnaire that will serve as a starting point to know your general guidelines as an investor.

The questions in the test assess your:

  • Financial knowledge and experience.
  • Risk sensitivity.
  • Liquidity needs.
  • Investment time horizon.

More information

If you want to know more, contact us on

915 123 123


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