Your ATM screen: personal and unique, just like you

Now you can customise the ATM screen using your Santander App or via Online Banking. This new function, a unique innovation in the banking sector, will let you choose what you want to see on screen at the ATM where you carry out your transactions.

You can choose the design that best fits your preferences, and other data such as:

  • Name or greeting alias.
  • Display language.
  • A default cash withdrawal amount.
  • Image quality, normal or high-contrast.
  • You can decide whether you want a paper receipt or a digital format.

Choose the view you prefer

At Banco Santander we offer you three viewing options so you can find the one best suited to your needs:

  1. Simple or express view: recommended for customers who mainly use ATMs to withdraw cash, and particularly for our senior customers.
  2. Wallet view: ideal for customers who want to withdraw cash and deposit money on a regular basis.
  3. Standard view: recommended for customers who use various ATM functions.

Each preference or view can be changed or modified whenever you want.

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How to customise your ATM screens

Use this tutorial to find out how to do it, with Online Banking or the Santander App.

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