Being prepared to maintain security, whatever your location

In a hyperconnected and digital world, working from home has broken down the barriers imposed by offices. Therefore, everybody that works for the company must be prepared to prevent cyberattacks and other dangers. Here are 3 simple tips that can be applied by everybody.

Customise anything that comes by default

Cybercriminals will always look for the weakest link. When working from home, they may try to breach your work devices or information using other electronic devices connected to the same network, such as: TVs, security cameras, video game consoles, etc.

  • Make sure that you change the predetermined passwords of all your devices, which can often be found online
  • Check the default settings and make sure you are aware of the information you are sharing, and with whom it is being shared. Customise them so that they meet your needs, for example, does your printer need access to the location? Is your smart device always listening, or does it have to be activated?

Segment your WIFI

Most routers will allow you to create two networks. Reduce access to the most sensitive part, creating: one part for work devices and secure transactions (for example, online banking or company mobiles) and a second for guests (customers/guests), smart devices, etc. You should bear in mind however, that the devices connected to the network will not be able to communicate with one another.

To set up even stronger communication barriers between devices connected in your home, you can use a VLAN (virtual local network). Consult your router's documentation to see whether this is possible and contact your Internet provider for them to help you set this up.

Choose how to hold online meetings

When working remotely is an essential part of your business, choose a platform that satisfies your need in terms of number of participants, functions, etc. Make sure that you always understand the terms and conditions you are accepting; you might be agreeing to more than you think.

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