This number is indicative of the risk of the product, being 1/6 indicative of lower risk and 6/6 of higher risk.

Banco Santander is attached to the Credit Institutions Deposit Guarantee Fund. For money deposits the maximum guaranteed amount is 100,000 euros per depositor in each credit institution.

Financing and scholarships for your professional development

Discover our range of loans and programmes so you can continue investing in your professional development and get that job you dream of.


Loans for professional development

Discover options to finance your professional development and boost your career prospects.

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Programmes to finance the studies that will enable you to make progress with your career.

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More for your professional development

Employment advice

Opportunities to exploit your talent and preparation through resources and tools.

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Accounts for young people

Current accounts so that you do not pay commissions without conditions.

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Finance for mortals

Financial education with tips, resources and training to help you understand the concepts of economy.

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Employment offers so you can build the professional future you have always wanted.

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