Transfer your account from another bank and we'll handle the rest

If you're looking to switch to a Santander account and you still don't know how, we can help you through our bank account transfer service!


In less than a minute's time, you'll have completed your transfer request.


  1. Select the Santander account in your name that you want to switch to.
  2. Provide us with the details of your account with your other bank.
  3. Select what you want to transfer to Santander – the whole account, direct debt payments, income, transfer orders or balance – and request these to be cancelled for the account with the other institution.
  4. Choose a transfer date, bearing in mind that it is not an immediate process. We need a minimum of 13 business days from the signing of all account holders to be able to carry out all the procedures.
  5. Review and confirm the operation that you just carried out. And that's it!


We'll take care of handling everything quickly and totally securely, with no need to involve your other bank.

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Find out about our Santander Online account, without fees or commissions, and start reaping the benefits.

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Bring your account to Santander

Learn all about the account transfer service, with which we will take care of managing your receipts.

We handle the following services free of charge:

When processing account transfers, we'll take care of:

  • Notifying the companies issuing your bills (utilities, phone etc) of the change to the new account.
  • Registering and proceeding under the same terms (frequency, amount etc) as you would with your other bank for periodic transfers for which you are the payer.
  • Requesting your balance as well as the cancellation of your account from your other bank.

We keep you informed of any changes in processing your application.


FAQs about transferring bank accounts

What does the bank switching service involve? Icon / PlusCreated with Sketch.Icon / minusCreated with Sketch.

This is a service through Iberpay to facilitate the transfer of customers' bank accounts from one bank to another, online and without having to involve your other bank.

All you have to do is complete the dates on this form and sign the request and we'll take care of all the rest. You can set up what you want to transfer: direct debit payments, periodic transfers and standing orders, bringing your balance over and even cancelling your other account.

Will Banco Santander or the source institution charge me fees and expenses for using this service? Icon / PlusCreated with Sketch.Icon / minusCreated with Sketch.

This service is totally free; we don't charge fees for handling this.

Do I have to do anything further? Icon / PlusCreated with Sketch.Icon / minusCreated with Sketch.

Some of the companies issuing your bills may not allow us to manage this for you. In this case, you must indicate the change of direct debt account to the issuing entity.

The same thing applies for periodic transfers that you wish to switch over to your Banco Santander accounts. With regard to salaries, we recommend that you get in contact with the human resources department at your company to request the change of credit account. Similarly, if the income is a non-contributory pension – social security or other – contact us directly. Moreover, in the case of unemployment benefits, you can switch the account directly through SEPE.

However, we will guide you throughout the process, providing you with the necessary forms that you need to submit to the entity issuing your bills and income.

Who has to sign the request to switch banks? Icon / PlusCreated with Sketch.Icon / minusCreated with Sketch.

It is essential that the request be signed by all account holders. In addition, the account with your other bank must have the same holders as your account with Santander. If these are not the same, the original bank will reject the transfer request.

How long is the process? Icon / PlusCreated with Sketch.Icon / minusCreated with Sketch.

The transfer is not immediate. You will need to allow us some time. Regulation establishes a period of 13 working days, starting from when all holders have signed the request.

Will the account that I have with the other institution be cancelled? Icon / PlusCreated with Sketch.Icon / minusCreated with Sketch.

Certain minimum requirements must be met in order for us to bring over the account from another bank. To be able to make the request, you must be the holder of the original account and destination account, and must not have any outstanding balance to be collected by another entity or on products (for example, on a mortgage) linked to the account that you want to cancel.

Do you want to request an account transfer at a Banco Santander branch? Icon / PlusCreated with Sketch.Icon / minusCreated with Sketch.

Complete the following form and hand it in to any of our branches.

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