Public speaking is a challenge for many people; for some, in fact, it is a fear they find difficult to address. But everything can be learnt. Today we are offering you a short list of five books to help you hone your communication skills and overcome stage fright.

How to Deliver a TED Talk: Secrets of the World's Most Inspiring Presentations", (Ariel Empresa)

Jeremey Donovan, one of the organisers of the TED talks, has produced a guide packed with advice to make your speech an inspiring act that will reach your audience. What is the secret of TED talks? Narration, body language, tone, empathy with the audience ... all these aspects are useful to catch people's attention.

"Bravo Method: The ultimate (and fun) tool for brilliant public speaking in 5 easy steps" (Colección Alienta)

Mónica Galán's book is defined as a help manual because anyone can pick up the practical tips, techniques and essential tools for successful public speaking, moving forward from stage fright to stage pleasure. Galán Bravo does not only touch on communication for major audiences, but also dwells on influence and persuasion techniques to produce the necessary impact in conversations which can mean a turning point in people's lives, which she calls exponential conversations. And she does this with effective explanations and simple examples to enable anyone to reach a higher level of personal and professional communication.

Learn how to speak in public today" (Booket)

Good public speaking is a capacity which may be cultivated, and this is the way Juan Antonio Vallejo-Nágera sees it: with proper training, almost anyone can excel in this area. The author does not seek to turn you into "a great orator", but help you express yourself properly. Something he sees as a consequence of two combined aspects: making a favourable impression, and making ideas attractive. “Captivating and convincing, and the rest is heavenly music”, says the synopsis of the book.

"Guide to public speaking: complete and practical method for the most diverse situations" (Cine y Comunicación Alianza Editorial)

In an era in which communication has become an instrument of power, those who have the ability to manifest their opinions and knowledge properly ultimately influence not only the more general social strata, but also much more immediate environments, from joint property owners to work meetings. Therefore, knowing how to speak properly in public is an urgent necessity for all those who wish to achieve professional objectives. This guide by Carlos Javier Morales provides readers with a full practical method for success in the most diverse situations, from public talks to work interviews or negotiations.

"An easy, rapid path to talking effectively" (Elipse)

Personal and professional success is directly linked to our ability to communicate; this is a skill that must be developed on a continuous basis, because we are talking constantly, either in public or in private. Knowing what to say, saying it accurately and above all knowing how to say it are illustrated in this book for readers to take a decisive step towards talking effectively.

You should know that if you have a talk coming up or you need to prepare for a presentation to colleagues, here you have a collection of books on public speaking ranked among the most highly recommended in the main book sale portals on Internet.


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