Learn maths through football. That is the aim of ‘LaLiga Santander Explica’. Transmitting mathematical concepts in a fun, educational way to children and young people through one of their favourite games: football.

Through fun videos, "LaLiga Santander Explica" answers all of those FAQs that children aged 7 to 14 look up on the Internet, such as what is Pi, how do you apply Pythagoras Theorem, what is the golden ratio or how to do linear equations

Maths are very important in our daily lives and, of course, for football too. Not just in order to know the number of goals scored by each player or the classifications. Getting ready for a football game becomes a maths question where we study the most frequent game plays, number of passes or percentage of ball possession. There are even mathematical programmes for trainers. "LaLiga Santander Explica" uses football to answer maths questions for kids, creating child-friendly videos.

Aware that the Internet is one of the tools most used today, for both study and pleasure, "La Liga Santander Explica" has created a creative, visual educational project for learning to use new technologies not just for fun but also as an educational tool.

Our body and the Fibonacci sequence

Did you know that the human body is very similar to a perfectly-built building? Or that the Fibonacci sequence is present not only in the human body but also in nature and in painting? The Fibonacci sequence is an infinite mathematical sequence comprising a series of natural numbers obtained from 0 and from 1 and where each one is the sum of the two before. If any number in the Fibonacci sequence is divided by the one before it, the result will always be a very similar number, which is called phi.

Well, the human body follows that golden ratio (just as many flowers do in their structure, for example). Find out some interesting facts about the golden ratio in this video:

Statistics on games and combinations

Combined operations can explain the statistics behind games: number of goals stopped, number of goals scored, number of points earned during the league or even comparing statistics for rival teams. In this video, "LaLiga Santander Explica" gives us the keys to checking all the data we need to discover how many goals are needed in each game to be top of the classification.

Football teams and double division

Another question frequently asked by children on the Internet is how to do double division. Something that seems simple to an adult may be a real headache for a child. How would we divide up 110 minor players to make up the teams necessary for a league? We accept the challenge!

Kit and linear equations

Linear equations help resolve everyday problems. For example, we will use this type of mathematical operation to calculate the price of some footballs, where we know the total amount spent in a shop, and also the price of the jerseys that were bought with them. "LaLiga Santander Explica" also offers several tips for making these operations simpler.

With these videos, kids will discover that learning maths is simple and can even be a game. "LaLiga Santander Explica" aims to convey basic mathematical operations in a simple way that emphasises their importance in everyday life.


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