Have you been fined for speeding or for talking on your phone? Are you concerned about the future of your driving licence? You need to check your driving licence points in 8 clicks, then you'll be sure.

First click. Go to the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) website.

Second click. On the top menu, look for the heading Driving Licenses (Permisos de conducir) and select the section Check Your Points (Consultar Puntos). This screen shows 3 options. If you prefer a fast option, we recommend the third one, which appears in the side menu: Check Points with User and Password.

The first 2 methods require identification processes via: Cl@ve, which is the common platform of the various Public Administrations; or through a digital certificate or an electronic Identity Document. You can also check you points in person at any Traffic Office or Headquarters. In this case, you need to make an appointment online or by calling 060.

How to identify yourself in the check points system

If you are checking your points for the first time, you need to identify yourself in the system. It is very simple.

Third click. Enter the yellow box at the bottom of the page with the indication Request password to check my points balance.

You must enter the number of your identity card, NIF or NIE, and the date of issue of your initial licence. This is the issue date, not the renewal date. In the next step the system will ask you for an email to send you the provisional access code.

Fourth click. You have identified yourself to the system, which will show you an information screen indicating that an email has been sent with the provisional password.

The final steps to check your point balance

Fifth click. You now have your provisional password. Now go back to the Check Points screen. Enter and restart the process in Check Points with your Username and Password.

Sixth click. Now you must go, once again, to Check your point balance (without certificate). You are very close to the end. Enter your ID no and provisional password. Add the combination of numbers and letters requested in the box below.

Seventh click. The system wants to personalise the response. For this reason, the Change Password screen appears. Don't be discouraged. This is the final step. Fill in the information requested and change the password sent by the DGT to the one you wish.

Remember to keep a note of this key combination for future use. It will simplify the process for you.

Eighth click. Objective reached. You have before you your Current balance of points.

How to check your driving licence points with your password

To perform the request with your already personalised code, the process is reduced to 4 steps:

  1. Go to the website of the DGT.
  2. Go to the section Check your points.
  3. Look for the option Check Points with User and Password.
  4. You will be taken to a new page where you will have to enter your identity card number and password. Fill in the validation code and click. You are now looking at your final balance.

The points-based licence system

If your driving licence is less than 3 years old you only have 8 points. The balance increases to 12 points if you have passed this initial trial period without penalties that reduce the starting amount.

Drivers who comply with all the precepts in their driving activity have a prize: 2 extra points on the initial capital if for 3 years they do not receive any significant fine, i.e. not involving a point penalty.

The usual balance is 14 points, but you can reach 15 points if you exceed another extra 3 year period "clean" of infractions. It is the gold medal for sensible driving.


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