Revamping a bathroom without having to do any major works? Discover the keys and secrets to revamping one of the most important rooms in your home without having to spend a fortune. Simple, fast and, most importantly, without any major works.

If you are thinking about revamping your bathroom at home, read on to get some tips so you can get the most out of your changes.

Revamp your bathroom walls

One of the easiest ways to refresh a room is with a coat of paint. The same applies to your bathroom, whether it is painted or tiled. Most bathrooms tend to be tiled, but this is not an issue when it comes to revamping a bathroom without having to do any major works. Do you want to know how you can do it? There are several options:

  • You can cover the tiles with a specific paint. Tile paint is a water and heat resistant paint for interiors, with high adherence and washability. You should apply a couple of coats. A 750 ml pot will cover a surface of 7.5 m².
  • Another way to revamp your bathroom without having to do any major works is to cover the old tiles with self-adhesive vinyl tiles, which are very easy to place. They are made from a material that is resistant to water, heat and sunlight, and is also washable.

Revamp your bathroom floor

Another key to revamping a bathroom without having to do any major works is by focusing on the floor. By simply covering your tiles with vinyl flooring the room will look completely different, newer and more modern. You can opt for an imitation wood finish, hydraulic tiles, ceramic mosaic, marble, etc., but you should always choose a model that is resistant to wear and humidity.

Laying vinyl flooring is quick and easy: simply cut the slat to size using a cutter. Thanks to the adhesive on the bottom of the slats, they will stick easily to your chosen surface. The floor pieces come as slats, squares or rectangles.

You can also renovate your bathroom by installing click vinyl flooring, where the floor pieces slot together using a click system. This type of flooring is even quicker to install than self-adhesive vinyl. 

Revamp your washbasin cabinet

Another way to revamp your bathroom without having to do any major works is by changing your washbasin cabinet. If, for example, your current bathroom has a standing sink, you could replace it with a bathroom vanity unit which, as well as looking good, will solve your storage requirements.

You should make sure you measure the area and location of the drain carefully, because this will determine what kind of units you can introduce. You should also assess whether you need to buy a new trap or more PVC union parts if the drain is off-centre. You will need to become a bit of a handyman when it comes to placing your bathroom units, but you won't need to call a carpenter or a plumber. There is a lot of content online explaining how to do this step by step. The main thing is to take the required measurements and follow the recommendations.

If this seems too bold for you, you can change the look of your sink by simply painting it or covering it with adhesive vinyl.

Replace your tap with a shower column

Another simple way to revamp your bathroom without doing any major works is by replacing your shower or bath tap with a shower column, fitted with two showerheads, a higher one with a rain effect and another smaller manual one, and with a thermostatic tap, so you can choose your water temperature. This small change will make your bathroom feel like a spa.

No works will need to be carried out as long as you do not need to change your water outlets. Simply dismantle your old taps and all the fixtures and place the new shower column in its place using the fixings that come with the installation kit.

Update your accessories

Adding accessories is the final step in revamping your bathroom and making it look as good as new. This is where you will need to focus on the decoration style you want to achieve in the room, as well as your budget and requirements. Changing your mirror, light fixtures, ceiling lamp and bathroom accessories (towel rail, toilet roll holder, hangers) is a fairly simple task that involves simply taking some measurements, unscrewing the old elements and screwing in your new parts. Another inexpensive change that can transform your bathroom is replacing your shower curtain.

To finish off your revamp, look for a storage cabinet for all your everyday bathroom items, such as towels, soaps, bottles of shampoo and creams, toilet paper, hair dryer, razor, etc. Depending on how big your bathroom is, you can choose from a wide variety of shelves, trolleys, drawer units or baskets for these items.

The final step in your quick bathroom revamp will be to place a plant or a flower arrangement on the sink unit or a shelf.


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