Third party funds

You can choose from a wide range of management styles and a variety of funds from international fund managers.
(Only available for Santander Private Banking and Banesto customers).


We offer you a selection of funds from the best international fund managers.
Below you will find legal information about these services.

  1. Net Asset Value:
    Access to the updated net asset values of the investment funds of international managers at Banco Santander S.A.
    05-08-2020 International Investment Management Funds - (PDF 7.90 Mb)
    04-08-2020 International Investment Management Funds - (PDF 7.89 Mb)
    03-08-2020 International Investment Management Funds - (PDF 7.90 Mb)
  2. Legal Information:
    In this link you can find all the legal documentation for the investment funds from international management companies at Banesto: financial reports, statutes and regulations, prospectuses and key investor information documents. These documents can be found in this link.

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