Facilitate payments by foreign customers in your business

We want there to be no borders in your company that prevent you from understanding your foreign customers. Therefore, with the DCC1 Multicurrency Service of your Getnet POS terminal, they will be able to pay in their currency of origin quickly and easily. To make selling easier, regardless of the language.

Benefits of the Multicurrency Service of your Getnet POS terminal

For you:

  • Earn additional income with the DCC Multicurrency Service of your Getnet POS terminal2. You will receive a financial bonus if your business receives a large number of foreign customers.
  • You will be able to accept payments in different currencies, by having the maximum acceptance of currencies.Get the currency listing - (PDF 7 MB).
  • Very easy to offer. The Getnet POS terminal automatically detects the option to apply the DCC Multicurrency Service on international cards.
  • It is free and transparent for you, because you will always receive the amount in euros.
  • It offers a more complete and personalised service, improving the experience of your customers.

For your customers:

  • They will have the peace of mind of knowing the amount of the purchase in their own currency as well as in euros.
  • The Getnet POS terminal screen will display the daily updated exchange rate and they will be able to pay in their currency transparently. In this manner, the exact amount will correspond to what they will see on their card statement, avoiding any surprises from receiving charges that they did not expect.
  • In addition, if they are travelling for business they will be able to settle their expenses immediately in a more agile manner and without having to wait for the charge on their card.

How does it work?

  1. Remind your customer that there is the option to pay in their home currency.
  2. When you insert the international card into the Getnet POS terminal, it will automatically recognise it. Show your customer the Getnet POS terminal screen with the price in both currencies.
  3. The customer checks the amount in both currencies and chooses the one they wish to pay with. Remember that it is always the end customer who must accept the currency conversion at the Getnet POS terminal and not the establishment.
  4. If the foreign customer agrees to pay in their home currency, the price will be the one they see on their bank statement. No surprises.

Shall we discuss it?

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Multicurrency Service


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