What is Paygold?

Paygold is a payment method that allows you to receive payment for your sales remotely by phone, without the need for a physical POS or a website. A fast and secure way for your customers to pay for their purchases.

This payment method is a service that you can arrange if you have a Telephone Sale POS or a Virtual POS.

How does this payment service work?

It's very simple, we'll give you an example:

  1. A customer wants to buy fruit, they look at the shop's Social Network, the catalogue/letter they have, or they simply call the greengrocer's to place their order.
  2. When they have chosen, the shop assistant confirms the total amount of the purchase and sends a payment link via WhatsApp, SMS or email.
  3. The customer clicks on the link and enters their card details to make the payment.
  4. Sale accomplished! The greengrocer receives confirmation of payment and the order is processed so that delivery can be made without having to use cash, a physical POS terminal or providing the customer with account details to make a transfer.

What are the advantages of Paygold for the customer and the seller?

  • Security: the customer does not have to provide the card number over the telephone.
  • Trust: the shop makes its sales knowing that the customer will pay the agreed
  • Convenience: process your customers' payment details to speed up future purchases.
  • Speed: the shop receives confirmation of the sale instantly and will be able
    to see it in their Administration Portal.

How do I sign up for Paygold?

The application is 100% online, without you having to leave your house:

  1. Choose whether you want to sign up for a Telephone POS terminal, which will allow you to charge for your products and services over the phone in real time, or a Virtual POS terminal, to sell through your website.
  2. You can finish the application by filling in the forms for the Telephone POS terminal or the Virtual POS terminal, or by calling 91 050 34 04.

We will help you with the implementation so that you can start benefiting from it as soon as possible.

For more information, please see the Paygold - (PDF 875.25 KB), Telephone POS terminal - (PDF 811.71 KB) and Virtual POS terminal - (PDF 5.09 MB).

Shall we talk?

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Paygold: payments by SMS and email

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