Help Ukraine

MИP, means PEACE in Ukrainian, and it is the PEACE we all want.

Until Ukraine has peace, it needs help. That is why the Santander teams and our customers all over Europe are joining forces for the country with ACNUR and the RED CROSS, to boost the humanitarian aid these organisations are providing in the conflict zone, and to help Ukrainians forced to flee their country in search of a safe refuge.

Here at the bank, we have now donated our first EUR 1 million as an emergency measure, and we will also duplicate the amount donated by our employees across Europe.

Want to join us?

How will your donation help?

It gives humanitarian assistance for travel by people who are fleeing Ukraine or have been displaced in the country, and it also ensures that all people have the right to request asylum and find a secure refuge in another country, drawing up plans to prepare for en masse arrivals of people, seeking protection, inclusion and dignity for refugees, the stateless and those who have been displaced in the country, to help find long-term solutions..

Make a BIZUM payment to ACNUR, code 04893
Or a transfer to: ES98 0049 0001 532311834312

How will your donation to the UNHCR help?

  • Just €90 can provide psychosocial support to a child in Ukraine (including access to outreach activities, day care centres, and child-friendly spaces).
  • Just €20 is enough to give a displaced person legal counselling support.
  • Just €12 can provide a plastic tarpaulin to a family in Ukraine, to help them protect their damaged home or shelter from the elements.
  • Just €6 is enough to provide one person in Ukraine with a warm fleece blanket.

Amid serious shortages, this provides food, water, heating, electricity and first aid for those affected, and also first aid and psychosocial assistance for them, and also assists communities as far as the security situation permits.

Make a BIZUM payment to RED CROSS, code 33512
Or a transfer to: ES44 0049 0001 532110022225

How will your donation to the Red Cross help?

  • Just €35 can provide a family of five with a kitchen set.
  • Just €20 can provide high-quality tarpualin to set up awnings, tents and provide shelter for families.
  • Just €5 is enough to provide one person with a coat.

Important notification concerning transfers to Ukraine:

As a measure of support for Ukraine, the Bank will refund the expenses of transfers sent to accounts in Ukraine.

How can I make a donation using Bizum, or by transfer?


  1. In your Santander App, go into Bizum.
  2. Click the option to send a donation.
  3. You will find a carousel with several NGOs. Here you can select Red Cross or ACNUR and make your donation. Or, if you prefer, you can enter the donation code in the field.
  4. State the amount of the donation you wish to make.
  5. Check the donation data are correct, and that's it! 


  1. In the upper right-hand menu of your App or in Online Banking, click the option to send money.
  2. Then select Donations. Here you will find a number of NGO options to make a transfer. Select Red Cross or ACNUR.
  3. Select the account from which you would like to make the donation.
  4. State the amount of the donation you wish to make, and that's it!