Furniture financing for companies

Banco Santander Leasing Mobiliario is a practical and agile way to finance your company's equipment1.

Through Leasing Mobiliario we finance up to 100% of the acquisition value of any equipment or furniture that your company needs: machinery, computer equipment, furniture... but also photovoltaic installations, specialised equipment, ships, aircraft and all kinds of transport elements.

Take advantage of the tax benefits2 of Leasing Mobiliario, which are greater than those of other financial products.

And don't forget that this product is compatible with ICO and EIB financing lines and other agreements that will allow you to benefit from better interest rates.

What do you get with Leasing Mobiliario?

Choosing Leasing Mobiliario to equip your company has plenty of benefits:

  • Financial benefits
  • Maximum tax benefits2 compared to other forms of financing.
  • Possibility of financing up to 100% of the purchase price.
  • The VAT or IGIC of the purchase is paid by the Bank, not the customer.
  • "Tailored" payment structure: high first repayments, constant, increasing repayments, etc.
  • Compatible with ICO lines and other intermediation facilities, EIB, FEI, etc.
  • Tax benefits:
  • Both the interest as well as the VAT or IGIC of the repayments are generally deductible.
  • Accelerated amortisation of the property in Corporate Tax or Personal Income Tax2 that does not affect the income statement.


  • Format. Financial lease
  • Period. From 2 years, can be arranged for up to 7 years including the existing terms on the ICO and EIB lines.
  • Amount. No minimum.
  • Amortisation. You choose how you are going to pay. The payment is fixed, monthly and interest is paid in advance. Although you can choose other options.

At the end of the term stipulated in the contract, the customer will have a purchase option on the asset, normally for an amount equivalent to one more payment.

In addition, you can arrange total loss and damage insurance for all equipment financed through Leasing Mobiliario.

How to arrange it

We recommend you request a fiscal and financial study that reflects the tax savings that a leasing operation would provide compared to other forms of financing.

Go to your nearest Santander branch to take out the Leasing Inmobiliario product.

And if you would like more information, we can call you

Shall we talk?

If you would like more information about this service, please write to us.


Leasing Mobiliario


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