Banco Santander, via the Social Housing Fund, and in accordance with Royal Decree 27/2012 of 15 November, offers those who meet certain requirements the possibility of opting for low-cost social housing rentals. Click here to view the requirements of the documentation and allocation process.

Here is the link to the website of the Social Housing Fund (FSV) for all the financial institutions, where you can see the available housing on offer and where you can submit an application online click here.

If you are interested in a home of this type and you meet the requirements to be one of the BENEFICIARIES, you may enter the ALLOCATION process by following these STEPS:

The 4 phases of the FSV application

Formalizar la solicitud y adjuntar documentación.

Register the application at the branch office.

Publication on the website of the allocations.

Signing of the contract and handing over of the keys.

Documents of interest

Any questions?

Contact us on:

900 811 900

Documentos de interés

    Application form Legislation

 Final deadline for submission of applications.  Final deadline for the allocation of housing.  Final deadline for the publication of the successful applicants.