Non Resident mortgage in Spain

If you have tax residence abroad and are thinking of acquiring a second home in Spain, Banco Santander offers you a wide variety of mortgages so that you can find the one that suits you best.

Find out about our non-resident financing options tailored to meet your needs:


Icono casa   Buy a second home in Spain (also finance a self-build second home).
Icono herramientas   Carry out renovations.
Acción del Santander de bienvenida   Finance an investment in other properties.


Home mortgage loans. Lender: Banco Santander, S.A., with registered office at Santander, Paseo de Pereda, 9- 12 (39004) – Co. Registry Cantabria, Page 286, Folio 64, Book 5 of Companies, Entry 1, Tax Number (CIF) A-39000013.
This finance is subject to prior approval by the Bank. Go to your branch to request the Precontractual Information Brochure, as well as the Personalised Information Sheet. In the event of non-compliance with the commitments under the mortgage guaranteed loan contract, there is a risk of losing your home. In the event of non-payment and in all cases of early repayment, the Bank may start proceedings against you by action in personam or by action in rem against the mortgaged property, since you will be legally liable to the Bank for the payment of the loan in relation to all your present and future assets, not just the mortgaged property. In accordance with article 105 of the Mortgage Law and article 1911 of the Civil Code.

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