Your day-to-day operations at your fingertips

Manage your day-to-day operations with the greatest ease and speed. As a Select customer, you will enjoy a wide range of digital benefits.

  • 24x7 telephone service. Through Superlínea Select 915 123 123 we will attend to your needs and answer your questions outside office hours. With a single call, we can help you activate your card or make changes to your personal data, among many other operations.
  • Santander App. The digital advantages of being a Select customer are with you at all times on your mobile with our app, available for IOS and Android. In addition to checking your balances and movements, making transfers and comfortably carrying out daily transactions, the application offers you payment facilities for all our channels:
  • Send and receive money. You can send and receive money instantly using just your mobile number via Bizum.
  • Pay with your mobile. Use your phone to pay in stores and withdraw cash.
  • No cards. Withdraw cash without the need for cards, by using just a code at any ATM of our extensive network.
  • Transfers. You can make money transfers using your phone.
  • Without moving. You will not have to move from where you are to carry out operations from your phone; configure your favourites and the most frequent transactions or arrange any of our products
  • Don't lose sight of the evolution of your economy. Using the Santander app you can control the day-to-day aspects of your finances. Creating alerts or receiving notifications about the movements of your accounts, controlling and managing your cards or observing the evolution of your expenses and income are just some of the operations that you will have at your fingertips.
  • Support is just a click away. Using the app you will have the opportunity to consult your data or choose the best way to contact your personal manager, communicating with him via chat or requesting a face-to-face visit at any of our branches.

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