Support for your transactions abroad

Feel at home regardless of the reason for your trip abroad with our Select Global Value service, which offers coordinated solutions in 12 countries immediately and adapts to the needs of each customer.

You can also benefit from the Santander One Debit card. With it you can make free debit cash withdrawals at more than 35,000 ATMs that Santander has around the world, as well as make purchases abroad in currencies other than the euro with total ease.

Our Select customers receive special treatment when they are abroad thanks to the fact that Santander has a presence in ten markets internationally and we can help our customers open an account in these countries. Our 150 year history and recognition as the most valuable brand in Spain allow us to maintain our commitment to offer a simple, personal and fair banking.

International benefits

As a Select customer, you will enjoy a series of international advantages:

  • Cash with no fees. Find your nearest Santander ATM, when you are abroad using a global search engine for branches and ATMs. You can make national and international debit cash withdrawals with no fees.
  • We attend to your needs. Call us at Superlínea Select on 915 123 123. A group trained to provide you support will offer you solutions anywhere in the world and in any language so that you have support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Simple processes. We can facilitate the financial procedures if you decide to change your country of residence.

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International benefits

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