Convenient and flexible electric vehicle financing

The ECO Mobility Loan1 is a fixed interest rate consumer loan to buy an ECO vehicle,  new or semi-new (up to 36 months old). The loan can also be used to install electric charging points.

An ECO vehicle includes the following, which can be financed with this type of loan:

  • Electric vehicles.
  • Hydrogen-powered vehicles.
  • And hybrid vehicles with emissions lower than 50 g CO2/km.

This loan offers you:

  • Annual nominal interest rate: 5.75%2(fixed rate)
  • 7.15% APR3 without salary direct deposit, 6.38% APR with direct deposit.
  • Amounts: €1,000 minimum, €80,000 maximum.
  • Arrangement fee (financed): 1.5%.
  • Flexibility: because you can repay it over up to 7 years.

Sustainable financing

Favourable terms and conditions to buy eco-friendly cars and/or install charging points. Applicants must show proof the loan's purpose by presenting the pro forma or final invoice for the purchase.

If you own a hybrid car, check its emissions here. If it emits more than 50 g CO2/km, you have to apply for the Car Loan.

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ECO mobility loan

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