What is the Siempre Contigo service?

By taking out the Santander PRIME 81 or Santander PRIME cards, you will have access to a service that will accompany you in your day-to-day to make your life easier: Siempre Contigo1, wherever you are, we're there with you.

The solution to everything you need: a personal assistant, available around the clock, who will help you with all the day-to-day tasks.

For you, at all times: we take care of you and your loved ones when you or your family can't.

Other times when we're wherever you are: we give you an extra hand whenever you need it.

How to sign up for the service

Activating Siempre Contigo is very easy. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the Santander App.
  2. From the Santander App, access the Side Menu/Contract/Offers for you/Cards.
  3. Click the Siempre Contigo banner to get your code.
  4. Enter www.scontigo.es, enter the code and accept the terms of service.
  5. Done. Enjoy this service!


Siempre Contigo, wherever you are, we're there with you. That is why we are at your disposal to offer you help in different tasks. The services we offer you are:

  • My assistant 24h.
  • On-site administrative procedures.
  • Handyman service and small repairs.
  • Online Will.
  • 24 hour telepharmacy.
  • Telephone health consultations.
  • SOS button on your mobile.
  • Selection of care personnel and assistance
  • Digital fingerprint erasure.
  • Legal advice in a digital environment.
  • Home help and accompaniment.
  • Specialised treatments.

Information of interest

1. Service provided by Alares (Alares Social S.A., with CIF A85760189 and Registered Office at Pº de la Castellana 126, 28046 Madrid). Go to www.scontigo.es for all the conditions of the services and how to register with Alares.

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