Santander Reencuentra

A programme designed for women who at one point in their lives decided to pause their professional careers to dedicate themselves to caring for their children or attend to family matters, but who now want to rejoin the job market.

We want to help them start again by offering them the opportunity to be part of a programme of a year’s duration. It combines professional experience in Santander with high-level training, which will allow them to acquire knowledge in personal productivity tools, techniques for seeking employment and, in addition, help them to improve their network of contacts.

Our goal is that at the end of this programme they find a job in their area of expertise, in a company in their geographical area.

Requirements to join this programme

  • A university degree in any speciality and great enthusiasm for resuming their professional career and facing new challenges.
  • At least four years of professional experience in the business sector and at least a three years pause in your career to look after children or a relative.

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Programa Santander Reencuentra

Un programa per ajudar a retrobar-se amb la feina a les dones que s’han vist obligades a interrompre la seva carrera professional.

Santander and Vogue Alliance

The alliance between Vogue's editorial experience and Santander's financial strength, creates a communication channel of reference for women interested in business and leadership.

With this committed perspective the new Vogue Business By Santander magazine is born, a voice for women who inspire us in the fields of economy, technology, training and lifestyle.

Find it at newsagents’ and in digital format at Vogue Business.

Santander and Disney Alliance

Banco Santander and Disney join forces for the same objective, to give visibility to female references and inspire values based on equality from the earliest ages. To highlight this initiative, Santander promotes, together with Disney, films in which the leading roles demonstrate their values from a perspective of equality: Captain Marvel, Aladdin, Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2.


Santander and other partnerships

Santander also partners up with other organisations that strive to inspire and promote equal opportunities such as Eje&con, Más Mujeres a Seguir, El Club de las mujeres (in)visibles... whom we are really excited to support.

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