What is the alerts service?

Activate the Online Banking Alerts service and always stay informed through the App, your email or your mobile. You will receive real-time information about all the transactions and changes that take place in your personal accounts, cards and other products.


You can do so using our website or App, accessing your private area and clicking on "Personal Area" in the upper right-hand corner. Once registered in the Alerts service, you can configure the alerts you want to receive.

Remember, you will need to have an Electronic Signature (active and operational) to confirm it.


The Banco Santander Alerts service gives you real-time information about what is happening in your products, conveniently and directly on your phone or in your email.

  • Control your accounts in a simple way with the transaction alert. You will receive a notification every time there is a transaction in your account. You can set a minimum amount to generate the notification, in such a way that it will only be generated if the transaction is greater than that threshold.
  • Set up an alert to receive information about your next loan payment.
  • You can see when some of your contracts expire or the status of your financing.
  • Receive a notice every time you pay with any of your cards or make a refund of a payment. You can configure a minimum amount that will determine when we will send you the notification.

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