What is Work Café Santander?

It is a collaborative space open to everyone. It is a place where, whether you are a customer or not, you can work, connect to the internet, hold meetings, attend events and, of course, take care of your money matters. You can do all this while enjoying a coffee made by our expert baristas, accompanied by designer pastries.

We are waiting for you at:


  • Plaza de los Sagrados Corazones, nº1. See map.
  • Calle Velázquez nº 31, Madrid. See map.
  • Calle Luis Moya Blanco nº 20, Valdebebas, Madrid. See map.
  • Calle Conde de Peñalver nº 46, Madrid. See map.
  • Paseo de Recoletos nº 19, Madrid. See map.
  • Calle Alberto Aguilera nº, 35. See map.


  • Calle Cantón Pequeño nº 1, A Coruña. See map.


  • Rambla de Méndez Núñez nº 12, Alicante. See map.


  • Avenida Diagonal nº 550, Barcelona. See map.
  • Paseo de Gracia nº 54, Barcelona. See map.


  • Plaza Federico Moyúa nº 8, Bilbao. See map.


  • Calle Mayor, nº 22, Guadalajara.


  • Calle Marqués de Larios nº 10-12. 29005 Malaga. See map.



  • Plaza España, nº1, Palma de Mallorca. See map.



  • Avda. de la Libertad, 38 , San Sebastián. See map.


  • Calle Constitución nº 8, Valladolid. See Map.


  • Calle Barcas nº 3, Valencia. See Map.


  • Calle Príncipe nº 39, Vigo. See Map.

Find the Work Café closest to you

Your bank

Work Café Santander offers you a new way of relating to us. Because when you choose a bank, you expect to find much more than just solving your financial affairs. Do you know what’s waiting for you in this new space?


We want you to feel at home at Work Café and this is why a Banco Santander host will receive and accompany you to cover your needs, whether it is to reserve a meeting room, find a space to work in or, simply, be attended by a manager.


You can have the commercial interview wherever you prefer within Work Café: in the coworking area, in a private room or in the cafeteria itself.


Have a drink in our cafeteria while you wait to be seen.


Perform your transactions faster thanks to the latest generation ATMs available in this innovative space.


Connect with experts from the Santander Personal service using new tools such as videoconferencing or the wall.

Work Café also has extended opening hours.
Monday Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. 

Your cowork space

Coworking spaces are shared offices where professionals like you, with diverse skills and interests, come together to work, connect and create opportunities.

Collaborative spaces and bookable rooms, where you can network or simply find a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by like-minded people.

Whether you are a client or a non-client, you can choose where you want to work in our coworking space. We have:

  • A living in a public area
  • Private rooms that can be booked
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi access

In our eagerness to help people and companies to advance, we have set up a channel that will help you multiply your visibility. For this reason, we have created an area where you can advertise your services, on our digital screens.

We create live spaces where we will hold events, talks, courses, exhibitions and conferences.

Your speciality coffee

The speciality coffee at the Santander Work Café is an experience in itself. The secret? Expert, award-winning baristas specialising in high-quality coffee, who work on creating new drinks based on coffee. At the Santander Work Café, attention to detail transcends the senses:


Due to the careful blend of flavours: We use beans selected from 5 renowned estates and cooperatives, which are roasted separately and mixed in just the right proportion. In order to achieve the flavour of the Work Café blend, we let it brew and we control the water quality, the precise heating of the milk and the exact temperature and pressure for each cup. It is all this that makes our coffee a speciality coffee.


We control the grinding so that the exquisite aromas of the coffee are released.


Our baristas are masters in the art of latte, making incredible designs on the surface of the coffee.

Work Café Santander offers you the option
to accompany your coffee with the best quality pastry,
chocolates and sandwiches made with gourmet Spanish products.

Also, if you pay with any card from the Santander Group, you will receive a 30% discount on all Work Café products1.

Legal information
1. Discount applicable to payment with any card marketed by any of the Santander Group entities: Banco Santander S.A, Openbank S.A, Santander Consumer Finance S.A, Santander Brasil EFC, S.A, Santander UK plc, Santander Bank, N. A., Santander Polonia S.A, Santander Portugal S.A, Santander Chile S.A, Santander Argentina S.A, Santander México S.A.

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