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Products and manager

on your mobile

For businesses

your home office

Your codes always at hand

Get your codes

Sign up and start managing your affairs.

Recover your passwords

Do you have codes but don't remember them? Recover them.

Recover data from your card

Did you forget the PIN or CVV of your card? Access them.

Different ways to send and receive money

Make transfers

Send and schedule transfers easily at any time.

Pay bills and taxes

Easily pay bills not paid by direct debit, without leaving home.

Check your balance and bills

Access all of your account information in one click.

Withdraw cash with a code

Send a code to withdraw cash from an ATM.

Send a Bizum

Pay from mobile to mobile immediately.

Use contactless ATMs

Sign up and start withdrawing cash without a card at an ATM.

Pay with your mobile

Learn how to pay with your mobile without having to use the card.


Loan Simulator

Calculate the instalments and find out if your loan is pre-authorised

Credit card financing

Manage your credit card payments yourself.

Need help?

You have access to the Santander managers to answer your questions.

Santander App

Access all the information and product conditions and contract directly.

Online banking

Manage products, set alerts and customise your display to decide which products you want to see.

No matter where, you have the tools

Pay bills and taxes

Easily pay bills not paid by direct debit, without leaving home.


Simplify the payment of salaries and invoices to suppliers.

Virtual POS

Install a payment gateway for your online sales.

Flexible payment

Anticipate payment and improve the relationship with your suppliers.


Access financing within the COVID-19 Aid Plan.

Advance invoices

Improve liquidity by anticipating your income.

Do you need a manager?

If you need help, you have access to your Santander manager to answer your questions when you need it.

Sign up online

From the Santander Companies App you can contract and sign your operations, and much more!

Santander App

From your mobile phone, how, when and where you want: securely, without journeys, waiting, or timetables.

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