Benefits of using App Money Plan

With Money Plan you can control your finances using a single app.
You can access all your accounts, organise your expenses and deposits and easily manage a budget with your mobile.

All your banks are included in a single app. This way, you can create a true savings plan and control your finances at a glance.


Open the Santander App Money Plan and create your profile. These are the elements you can add:
  • Your accounts and cards of banks based in Spain.
  • Your Santander accounts in other countries (currently Santander UK, Brazil, Mexico, Totta/Portugal and Chile).
  • Your deposits, loans, investment and pension funds, as well as stock portfolios of both Santander and other banks.

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Find out what you can do with Money Plan

Control your expenses and deposits easily with App Money Plan.

What operations can I perform with Money Plan?

  • Classify your expenses into categories, and recategorise if necessary.
  • Get a movement history for all your banks, in detail.
  • Export your data to Excel (tm) to process it with another tool.
  • Receive alerts of possible errors in your accounts or duplicate charges.
  • Receive an annual report on your deposits and expense profile.

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