Bringing financial education closer to children

The Mini App will become your best tool in making them understand the value of things and learning to manage their savings in a fun manner in family. Through the use of different educational games, the Santander App brings financial education closer to the youngest members of the house and promotes values such as effort, commitment, enthusiasm and recognition.

How does the Santander Mini App work?


With the Santander Mini App you can set goals with your child that must be met and the rewards that will be obtained if they are met. In this way, the youngest members of the household will learn the value and recognition of their effort while saving and having fun.

With the goals, your child will learn values such as effort and commitment. A way to make their first steps in economics fun.


You can also track your achievements: the app displays the current level of progress achieved. A star will be added to each goal reached. Each star symbolises a phase of achievement and when all are achieved the fixed reward is reached.

A simple and educational way for them to learn to manage their savings

Children will have a global perspective of their progress so that, through their own experience, they can see that effort and commitment have a reward.

The prizes or rewards are up to you, and they need not always be economic. But if you have defined a financial reward, you can easily make your child enter their Cuenta 1l2l3 Mini or Cuenta Mini through the application itself. You will instantly see the achievement, which will encourage your child to be ready for new challenges.

Furthermore, with the Santander Mini App, your child will be able to see how their savings progress from home through the application. They can also keep track of the money that goes in and out in their virtual piggy bank, a tool with which they can learn to manage their savings as if it were a traditional piggy bank. They can also manage their money in their own Cuenta 1l2l3 Mini or Cuenta Mini.

How does the Santander Mini App work?

Download it onto your mobile or tablet through Google Play or the App Store, then you just have to create your profile and your child's using your accounts and using the avatars that you like the most.

Start the challenges of your day-to-day that your child will have to complete and the rewards that they will obtain with their achievements, whether they are economic or not. Download the Mini App now and discover how saving can be child's play.

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