Investment portfolio management

Make the most of the tax benefits1 of trading with investment funds.

Your investments will be managed by professionals with extensive knowledge of the market that will give you agility in management and immediate response capacity for any event in the markets.

Why delegate the management of your investments through My Santander Portfolio?

  • Professional management
    Your investments will be managed by professionals with extensive knowledge of the markets.
  • Risk-return optimisation based on your investor profile
    The Suitability Test will identify you risk profile and determine the maximum level of exposure to equities that your portfolio should have.
  • Wide universe of investment funds
    Access various Santander Asset Management funds under excellent conditions.
  • Double diversification
    Both for investment in investment funds and for the composition of the managed portfolio.
  • Favourable taxation1
    Applicable to natural persons residing in Spain, since all operations are carried out via transfer.
  • Integrated and detailed portfolio information
    On a monthly basis through a complete portfolio report and at any time through electronic banking.
  • Risk control and management
    Based on your risk profile, our management team will select, from a wide range of funds, the most appropriate for the market situation.

What are the risks involved in investing in investment funds?

Management portfolios invest in investment funds, which implies assuming the following risks:

    It is the risk of the assets in which the fund invests, as well as that of the issuers thereof.
    It is a risk of a general nature that exists when investing in any type of asset. In particular, investments involve:
  • Interest rate risk: changes in interest rates affect the price of fixed income assets. The sensitivity to this risk depends on the duration of these assets.
  • Exchange rate risk: Exchange rate fluctuation for assets denominated in currencies other than the reference interest rate.
  • Market risk from investment in variable income assets: derived from variations in the price of the variable income assets.
  • Risk of investing in emerging markets.
  • Geographical or sectoral concentration risk.
  • Investment in financial derivative instruments
    For the use of financial derivative instruments on the assets in which the fund invests.

For more detailed information on investment fund risks and costs that make up these portfolios, you can view the Fundamental Data for Investors (DFI) documents available at your Santander office.

How is the investment portfolio management service contracted?

To contract My Santander Portfolio, go to your nearest Santander office.

The contracting of investment funds involves certain costs that can be found in the Fundamental Data for Investors (Datos Fundamentales para el Inversor - DFI) document of each fund (available on the website and in the office).

Shall we talk?

If you want more information, visit any of our offices.

My Santander Portfolio

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