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Securities that are going up or down the most in the market, securities that are most sought after or the most purchased.

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Filter by country, currency, sector, market and even by companies being watched by international analysts.

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  • Can I save securities as favourites?

  • If you are following a series of securities, but you are still not sure about buying them, you can save them as favourites to follow their market performance and ensure you don't miss anything.

  • How can I find out if a security reaches a price?

  • You can set price alerts so we will notify you when the securities you choose reach a price that may mean you want to buy or sell.

Useful information:

Financial instruments involve certain risks (market, credit, liquidity, currency, interest rate, sustainability risk etc.), and therefore all or some of the investment may be lost. The risks are listed in the product's legal documentation.
Before taking any investment decision, investors must consult the information in the financial instrument's legal documentation (in the case of a Collective Investment Undertaking (CIU), in the Prospectus and in the Key Investor Information Document (KIID)), available both from the relevant supervisory body and from the market where the instrument may be admitted to trading, if any, and on the website of the issuer or the management company. The decision to invest in a financial instrument must be taken in due consideration of all the characteristics or objectives of the financial instrument described in its legal documentation. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results, and if the financial instrument is denominated in currencies other than the euro, performance may go up or down as a result of currency changes.
The opinions expressed in investment and analysis reports reflect the personal opinions of the analysis teams producing them at the time of issuance, and they may be amended. Provision of such information does not constitute the provision of an investment advisory service. Under no circumstances may this information be used or considered as an offer to sell or an offer to buy. Any investment decision by the recipient of this information must be taken in due consideration of the legal documentation for the financial instrument concerned.
The taxation of returns obtained from investments will depend on the tax legislation applicable to the personal situations of investors, and may vary in the future.
This is an advertising communication, for commercial purposes. The information contained herein is not contractually binding and is not a legal requirement; nor should it be treated as a recommendation to invest or any form of advice, and it is not sufficient in itself as the basis for a decision to invest.
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