What should I do if a credit card is lost or stolen?

If a credit card is lost or stolen, the first step is to block it. Most credit cards, in addition to the service for blocking and issuing new cards, have the option to ''temporarily'' block it. This temporary blocking option is ideal when a credit card has been lost, in case it is hiding somewhere you haven't looked or has been slipped between other cards and, after a while, it is found. Using this method, you can freeze it and, when you find it, unblock it again without having to cancel it or having to wait for a new card to be issued and sent.

Solutions if your credit card has been lost or stolen

Banco Santander offers you various options when a credit card is lost or stolen:

  • Free phone number for blocking. Operates 24 hours a day. Call 900 81 13 81.
  • Via the website. You can block your credit card through the bank's own website by entering your personal passwords. To do this you must follow these steps:
  1. Log in with your ID and password
  2. Select the appropriate card
  3. Click on "Block card"
  4. Select a reason: "lost/stolen" or "damaged" and click on "Continue"
  • Santander App. You can access the Banco Santander app from your mobile device. In addition to managing your daily transactions, with this app you can also block your credit card in the event of loss or theft. You can do this directly using the tools in the app itself by following these steps:
  1. 1.Login to your personal area
  2. Select the card
  3. Select "Block card"
  4. Choose the reason and click on "Continue"

In addition, with the app you can get direct assistance to block the card or start a chat with one of the representatives available.


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