How do I unfreeze a credit or debit card?

You can temporarily freeze your cards using the “Freeze/Unfreeze” function. If you have temporarily frozen your credit or debit card, you can unfreeze it from the Santander App or through Online Banking.

  1. In the Santander App, use your access code to access your overall position, click on the top menu of three horizontal bars and choose the option "Cards". Select the card that is temporarily frozen and click “Unfreeze Card”. Finalise the operation with your electronic signature, which must be active and operational.
  2. In Online Banking, go to your overall position using your access code. Then, select the option “Accounts and cards” in the top menu, choose the card in question and click on “Unfreeze Card” in the menu on the right. To finalise this operation you will need to have an active and operational electronic signature.

If you have permanently frozen a credit or debit card because it has been lost or stolen, for security reasons it will not be possible to reactivate it, but an automatic card replacement for the customer will be processed.

There is more information about how to renew or request a duplicate of your card in our FAQS section.


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