What is the limit for transfers in remote banking and how can I change it?

The digital channels (online banking, mobile banking and Superlínea) allow you to make transfers. The maximum amount of each transfer will be the amount stipulated in your Digital Banking Contract (previously known as the Multichannel Contract). By default, this limit is 6,000 euros.

If you are interested in increasing this limit, you can do so by going to your nearest branch or by calling Superlínea, where you can increase this limit to 30,000 euros.

If the maximum transfer amount that you have authorised in your Digital Banking Contract is less than 6,000 euros, you can extend it up to that amount using online banking.

To do so, log in with your ID and password, and select "Personal area" at the top of the screen. From there, choose "Modify multichannel limit". To complete the transaction, you will need to have your electronic signature active and operational and enter the confirmation code you receive on your phone.


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