How can I exchange euros for another currency?

If you need foreign exchange, you can use Banco Santander branches to get it, or order it in advance via online banking or the app, and collect it at the branch most convenient to you.

How to change currencies with the App

You can use the Santander App to request your foreign currency and collect it at the branch most convenient to you.

The App will ask for your contact data (mobile and e-mail), and your preferences of date and time to collect the currency. So, when your currency is ready, Banco Santander will contact you for you to go to the branch and collect it.

If you need any more information on currency exchange, you can consult the currency converter provided by Banco Santander.

How to request foreign currency exchange on the web

You can carry out the same task with the Banco Santander online banking facility, using the accounts option.

If you intend to make a trip and need to change currencies, place your currency order several days before your trip, especially if it is not a very common currency, to guarantee availability. If, on the other hand, you wish to sell any excess currency, you can go to any Banco Santander branch. Remember you have over 7,000 ATMs all over Spain to conduct your business with the bank.

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