What is the Seguro de Salud para Empresas?

If you have a small business, the Seguro de Salud para Empresas provides you with the medical care that you, your family or employees need.

Arranging the Asisa Health Insurance for Companies will allow you to:

Have complete assistance in private healthcare, with a magnificent team of medical professionals.

Increase the value of your company: your employees will feel more comfortable if you take care of them.

Forget about absenteeism thanks to the speed and efficiency in the provision of the healthcare.

Get social, fiscal and economic benefits1:

  • For your company: 100% deduction as an employee benefit.
  • For your employees: they will not have to include first €500 destined to pay medical insurance in the tax return.

What does it offer?

Asisa Health Insurance for Companies includes the following coverage:

  • Medical consultations, treatments and diagnostic tests
  • No copayments for medical interventions
  • Hospitalisation in a single room with no maximum stay
  • Emergencies 24 hours
  • Dental coverage optional
  • Second medical opinion for special treatments
  • 24 hour telephone medical advice and consultations
  • Travel assistance
  • And health coverage:
  • For traffic and work-related accidents
  • During pregnancy and delivery, including preparation

The grace period for this health insurance for companies is:

  • 8 months for any hospitalisation
  • 6 months for special diagnostic tests such as:
  • Special treatment techniques.
  • Family planning
  • Day surgery

If you currently have your company health insurance with another insurer, no grace period will apply.

Take out the Asisa Health Insurance for Companies and get a discount depending on the payment method you choose:


for annual payment


for half-yearly payment


for quarterly payment


What are the conditions to contract the policy? Icon / PlusCreated with Sketch.Icon / minusCreated with Sketch.

To take out health insurance for companies you must be a customer of Banco Santander, have an SME (which will be the policyholder) and be under 64 years old.

Is it necessary to fill out a medical questionnaire? Icon / PlusCreated with Sketch.Icon / minusCreated with Sketch.

Yes. This must be done by both workers and direct family members (spouse, common-law partner and children) who will be included in the policy as insured. The reports requested by the insurance company must also be submitted.

What is the grace period? Icon / PlusCreated with Sketch.Icon / minusCreated with Sketch.

This is the period of time that must pass between taking out the insurance and you being able to start using certain health care services.


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