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A healthy boost

We know that the best way to support you is to know your business well. That is why we have created a unit that specialises in the health sector (medicine, nursing, chemists, beauty salons, gyms, spas, etc.). And, because we understand your needs, we want to help you so that your business venture enjoys the best possible health./p>

You improve our quality of life.
Together we boost your business.

For all the health workers who take care of us and our families and makes us feel safe and protected.

For chemists, gyms and beauty salons, that are able to create healthy social environments.

For all the companies that work in the health and well-being sector, for giving us strength, energy and vitality.

Accounts, Cards and Insurance

It is just as important to have the right management tools as it is to give it your best. That’s why we offer you accounts and cards with lots of benefits and adapted to your needs.


A new way of banking that adapts to you and your company to help you overcome challenges as unique as you. We are committed to rewarding your trust and loyalty by customising our services.

Commission-free account by fulfilling the conditions. Pay €0 per month (1.49% APR)1 with your Santander One Empresas account by fulfilling the following conditions

  • Transfer your collections and payments.
  • Sign up for a POS, financing, protection or savings product

In the event that only one of these conditions is fulfilled, the monthly commission will be €15 (4.41% APR)2. In the event that none of these conditions are met, the monthly commission will be €30 (8.64% APR)3. View the details of all the Santander One Empresas conditions here.

And enjoy all these benefits:

  • Free issue and maintenance of Santander One Empresas debit and credit cards.
  • Free transfers in euros from our online or mobile bank and cash machines, except urgent transfers.
  • Free negotiation of domestic cheques in euros.
  • Free issue and maintenance of Santander One Empresas debit and credit cards.
  • Money Plan account aggregator where you can see all your account's transactions and cards of other entities easily in one app.
  • With access to solutions for digitalising your business and improving your One Digital sales.
  • With the option to customise your services thanks to the Santander One Empresas Plans.
  • Assistance creating your website and online shop to improve your business' online presence thanks to the agreement with Telefónica Empresas.


In your clinic, or at your chemist’s shop, it is essential to have an efficient and secure payment system that minimises the handling of cash as much as possible.

We will work closely with you to find the payment solution that best suits your business needs. A POS for your business

  • POS for your business: to receive payment at the counter or the reception desk with the utmost convenience.
  • POS terminals connected to your PC or mobile: integrated into your management system, giving you greater control over your sales.
  • POS Telephone Sales: if you arrange bookings, appointments or take orders by phone you will be able to accept payments with maximum security. In addition, with the Paygold service your customers will be able to pay without the need to disclose their card number over the phone.
  • Virtual POS: if you sell online you deserve the best payment gateway to help you convert visits to your website into earnings. A solid, secure platform with the best technical team to help you with your online payments.


Santander POS support 365 days a year, 24/7 via 910 503 404.

DCC Multi-currency Service

It allows you to improve the service you offer to your foreign customers, as they will be able to pay in their own currency with speed and transparency.


Comprehensive Multi-Risk Insurance for SMEs4

A flexible and complete insurance, which gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you can continue with your business, as usual, in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Find the type of insurance that best suits your business:

  • Seguro Multirriesgo Integral Comercios y Emprendedores
    Designed to meet the needs of businesses and self-employed people with or without premises. In addition to material damage and liability cover, this insurance also offers5:
    Specific cover for your activity as a professional in the health and well-being sector.
    Highly valued services such as urgent assistance and handyman service (repairs, breakdowns, electricity, plumbing, locksmith, etc.).
  • Seguro Multirriesgo Integral Pymes
    Protects small and medium-sized companies with service, manufacturing, workshops and warehouses businesses without sales. In addition to damage and liability cover, this insurance offers the option of including specific cover by sector, as well as covering operating losses (compensation for lower earnings in the event of a loss included in the cover).

Self-Employed Temporary Disability Protection Insurance6

It protects the self-employed from loss of income in the event of sick leave or an accident covered by the policy.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.

Management of receipts and payments

Trust in a health and well-being business is paramount. You trust your initiatives, your abilities, your equipment. That same trust is what we want to transmit to our suppliers, assuring them that they'll never have a problem getting their invoices paid.


If you need to finance payment of invoices beyond their due date, here's the solution Flexible Payment: a method in which you choose which invoices to finance and when.
No surprises when the invoice becomes due. Banco Santander pays your supplier and finances you until a new date agreed with the Bank.
Flexible Payment is a 100% Digital solution which will save you time and can be used to pay for purchases in Spain and for those abroad.


This solution allows you to negotiate with your suppliers and pay them up front in exchange for a prompt payment discount. The Bank makes the payment to your supplier and then finances you until the original due date of the invoice.

Thanks to Financed Prompt Payment, you will benefit from better conditions on your purchases without losing liquidity.


With Santander Confirming your suppliers will be able to receive payment in advance for their invoices without your business having to pay them until the due date.

The supplier bears the cost of the fee and interest rate for the requested financing.

Thinking of your suppliers…

  • They do not need to make use of their credit facilities and it has no impact on their CIRBE (credit score).
  • Guaranteed payment of the brought forward invoices.
  • It is not necessary to be a Banco Santander customer or to change banks.
  • Available through your branch office, Superlínea, email, Online Business Banking, Santander Business App and Confirming App.

Thinking of you…

  • You save time by delegating the management of payments to Banco Santander.
  • You improve the image of your business.
  • You improve the relationship with your suppliers.


Use Agile Collection to receive all or part of the collection of your instalment sales, without waiting for the due date.

This flexible solution will also allow you to collect your prescription sales in advance. This will allow to use the funds as soon as you obtain the payment certificate from the Official Pharmacists Association (Colegio Oficial de Farmacéuticos).

The advance payment will be carried out through our Online Banking, always including the collection in a Banco Santander account.


Factoring makes it easy for you to receive payment for sales made or services rendered to your customers without waiting for the due date of the invoices.

With Recourse Factoring, in addition to providing stable financing from the time the invoice is issued for both national and international operations, Banco Santander also takes care of the payment collection, saving you time from the outset.

If, in addition to the above, you want to ensure that you receive payment for your sales, with Non-Recourse Factoring you can also add cover for the risk of customer insolvency to the above advantages.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.

Short and long term financing

Whether you need to purchase new equipment or make payments to your suppliers, you will be able to find a solution that suits your needs.


It finances the payment of VAT, income tax or corporation tax for a 3-month period. A loan that helps you maintain the liquidity of your business.

From €500 upwards you can finance2 over 3 months:

  • Quarterly VAT payment.
  • PAYE Income tax payment.
  • PAYE Corporation Tax payment.
  • Business Income tax withholdings.


Credit account specifically for the short-term financing of your business and professional needs, related to your business activity. The distinguishing feature of this product is that interest on the loan is subsidised subject to compliance with any transaction commitments entered into (payments of salary, social security, taxes, discounting, POS, foreign business, etc.).


Because we care about your business, we offer you the financing option with the greatest tax savings3, especially if it is a question of financing plant, machinery, property or any other asset.

You will be able to enjoy a financed asset during the term of the contract. In addition, you will have the option to purchase at the end of the term, usually for the equivalent of one more instalment.

Request a financial tax study of your leasing operation, discover the advantages and you can benefit from its features.


Santander Technological Renting allows you to enjoy multiple types of goods and renew them easily to keep your business up to date. We customise the product to suit the client, including any services that may be required.
For any equipment that your business needs, all you need to do is take a proforma invoice to your Santander office and we will calculate the instalments to suit you.


Choose a renting service that frees you from having to manage your company's vehicles. Because Santander Renting takes care of everything:

  • an all-inclusive service.
  • No risks: official dealerships and quality service.
  • No surprises and with control: all the costs of your fleet are included in a single monthly payment. This way, you know exactly what you have to pay each month.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.

How, when and where you want

We offer you our extensive network of offices, many of which have extended opening hours to accommodate you. And if you prefer to be independent in your banking, you can use the digital channels that are available around the clock.


  • A team of digital managers specialised in clients from the Business sector.
  • Our way of interacting with the multi-channel client through state-of-the-art digital tools, such as Santander ID, Video Call, Contract Mailbox.
  • Integrated customer management, meeting your needs with our entire range of products.
  • We are available to our customers with an extended 24/7 timetable.


  • Santander App. Manage your accounts from your mobile device.
  • Santander Companies. Control your company from your mobile device.


Have access to a free showcase for your business and have a direct impact on Santander's customers by offering your services with preferential conditions:

  • Santander customers will be able to see the details of your product or service, your location and your website, increasing the chances of them making a purchase.
  • Designing promotions is very easy and straightforward. You can manage everything from the Santander Zone for Businesses App, including selecting which customers you want to reach.
  • Without additions or upgrades, Santander takes care of the entire operation.
  • Your business will need to have a Santander POS, either in your physical shop or on your website.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.

Health & Well-being

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