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For you, the Hotels and Lodgings that make your home our own, the best place to meet, the best place to lose ourselves and enjoy those great little moments of life.

For you, who make Spain a tourist power in the international market, for seeking tradition and quality for a complete cultural and leisure experience, for singing the praises of local produce, the distribution and the tourism, and for employing millions of workers.

For you, the Hotel owner, for promoting pride within and beyond our borders, for reinventing cuisine and elevating our senses, for innovating to turn gastronomy into an experience.

Thank you!

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Financing solutions for your business

Having the proper management tools is as important as giving it your best. For this reason, we provide you with a financial offer full of benefits and adapted to your needs.

Santander One Companies

Santander One Companies is a non-interest bearing account with no fees1 fulfilling conditions:transfer your collections and payments and, sign up for a POS, financing, protection or savings product; which adapts to the needs of your business and comes with all the benefits of Banco Santander, and its associated cards.

In the event that only one of these conditions is met, the monthly commission is €15 (APR -4.41%)2. In the event that none of these conditions are met, the monthly commission will be €30 ( APR -8.64%)3. View the details of all the Santander One Empresas conditions here.

Santander POS offer

Your hotel has to have a safe, efficient payment collection system that accepts the payment methods most frequently required by your customers. So, we are offering you the Santander POS4, the solution for reducing the use of cash and providing the payment solution that best adapts to all of your hotel's needs.

A POS for every stay

  • The Santander Virtual POS will help you manage customer bookings via your website and now also includes Bizum, one of the payment options most frequently required by customers.
  • The Wi-Fi POS is the best option for accepting card payments in the restaurant area because it is always connected to the hotel network. You can also opt for the GPRS POS for greater freedom of movement out on the terrace area.
  • For your hotel reception, use the Fixed POS connected to the hotel's telephone line with an Internet connection or the PC POS, which affords you greater control over payments if you integrate it into your management software.
  • Paygold. Perfect for bookings or taking remote payments via SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail. No need for a website or physical card terminal.

Short and long-term financing

Here we present you with some of the short and long-term financing options that are available with our range:

  • Tax payment loan5: finance the payment of VAT, Personal Income Tax or Corporation Tax. A loan that helps you maintain your business liquidity. The tax payment loan can only be arranged in the months of January, April, July and October. Short-term line of credit4: specific credit account for the short-term financing of your business and professional needs, associated with your commercial activity.
  • Leasing5: We offer the possibility of financing the acquisition of installations, machinery, real estate or any other asset.
  • Equipment Leasing5: benefit from multiple types of assets and easily renew them to keep your business up-to-date: kitchen equipment, refrigeration, etc.
  • Bansacar5 Car leasing: choose a leasing service that manages your company's vehicles for you.
  • Equipment solutions: get the equipment your hotel or lodgings require without having to buy it.
  • EIB Energy Efficiency Loan6: A pioneering financing option for renovation projects and energy efficiency improvements of premises.

Management of collections and payments

  • Confirming DUO5: the payment solution that allows you to pay your suppliers early and finance your business at maturity.
  • Factoring5: transfer the invoices you issue to us and we will advance the payment. This way you can forget about controlling the money you need to run your company and always maintain the pace of your business

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Decide how, when and where to talk

Personal and Digital, that's who we are! We offer you a vast network of branches, many of them with extended opening hours that adapt to you. And if you prefer to be more autonomous in bank procedures, you also have the 24-hour digital channels:

Santander Personal Negocios: a team of digital managers who will attend to your needs as a company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

App Santander: Manage your accounts from your mobile device.

Santander ZOne: Make your personalised offers known to Banco Santander customers.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.

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