A specialised range of products

We are committed to your sector with solutions that will make your day-to-day easy and help you boost your business:

Santander One Companies

You will have the Santander One Empresas account1, which is not interest-bearing, and associated cards for your day-to-day transactions.

Santander POS

For hotel and restaurant management, you need a safe, efficient payment collection system, reducing cash transactions to a minimum. So, we are offering you the perfect recipe: Santander POS2. Comfort, speed and the latest technology for daily growth.

A POS that you won't be able to do without because it responds specifically to your needs, making it easier for you to take payments:

  • Fixed POS for taking payment at the bar and counter.
  • GPRS and Wi-Fi POS for taking payment at tables or out on the terrace.
  • Free POS for making your business mobile and taking payments anywhere, any time.
  • POS connected to your PC or mobile. Integrated into your management system, it will give you greater control over your sales.
  • Paygold. Deliver takeaway and take payment remotely via SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail. No need for a website or physical card terminal. A quick, safe, contactless way for your customers to pay for their purchases.
  • Virtual POS. If you sell online, you deserve the best payment gateway to help you turn web visits into revenue. Now including Bizum, one of the payment methods most required by customers in order to make their shopping more agile.

Short and long-term financing

In order to boost your business, you need to assess all the financing options and choose the best alternative:

  • Tax payment loan3.
  • Short-term line of credit3.
  • EIB Energy Efficiency Loan4.
  • Leasing3: financing for installations, machinery, real estate or any other asset.
  • Equipment Renting3: for kitchens, refrigeration, etc.
  • Bansacar car leasing3: so you don’t have to worry about managing your company’s vehicles.

Management of collections and payments

To ensure that your suppliers never have problems receiving the payment for their invoices through our Confirming DUO3 service.

Shall we discuss it?

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Solutions for your business

We know that the best way to support our customers is by having a good understanding of their business; for this we have created Santander & Horeca, the perfect pairing that understands your needs and your mindset, offering solutions, either for the simplest bar or for the most sophisticated area.

Day-to-day solutions

You will be able to open the Cuenta Corriente Colectivos, without administration and maintenance charges and with no fees for national and EU transfers in euros.

Short and long-term financing1

Being a member of your Horeca Group and having a direct salary deposit has many benefits.

  • Personal loan, with special conditions for financing projects so that your ideas become reality.
  • Loans to buy a car, getting behind the wheel has never been so easy.
  • Mortgage Financing, we are right there with, offering you all possibilities so that you make your dreams come true.

Investment and Insurance

  • Pension plans: investment for the future: discover the commercial section of our range of Pension Plans.
  • Insurance: life, home and accident.

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Solutions for your employees’ needs

We take care of solving everything related to your employees’ the banking procedures, because we have professionals and digital channels to provide a solution for everything they need:

  • Accounts and cards which include rewards and promotions.
  • Bank guarantees and mortgages if needed.
  • Protection of your employees in the case of accidents or temporary disability (if they are self-employed). We can insure their car, and even offer health insurance.
  • Advice for the acquisition of a vehicle or other financing needs, whether a loan, leasing or salary advances.

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