Bank identification code for international transfers

The code BIC (Bank Identifier Code) or code SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) identifies a certain bank when sending or receiving an international transfer, using a combination of between 8 and 11 digits.

In the case of Banco Santander, the BIC or SWIFT code is BSCHESMMXXX and here you can see how it is made up:

  • Entity: the first four digits identify the bank.
  • Country: the following two are used to identify the country.
  • Location: the following two confirm the location.
  • Office: The last three digits are optional and, if they appear, they refer to the branch where the specific account is located. If they are not present, it is understood that they belong to the central office of the bank.

Calculate IBAN

Convert your account number to the European Union standard.


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