Financing for your needs of investment and liquidity

We know how important tourism is for our country, and that's why we want to be there for you, to help you rebuild your business, so that you can move forward. For this reason, we offer you the finance you need with the ICO guarantee schemes specific to the tourism sector so that you can meet your investment and liquidity needs.

For the self-employed and SMEs (up to 250 employees and sales under 50 million euros or total assets under 43 million euros) and with activities related to tourism and leisure. Below, we show you the solutions adapted for you within the line announced by the ICO for a total amount of 2,500 Million euros:


  • For the self-employed, micro-enterprises and companies with up to 250 employees and sales of less than 50 million euros or with total assets of less than 43 million with registered office in Spain and that have been affected by the economic effects of COVID 19.
  • Exclusively for businesses related to tourism and leisure.
  • Up to 1.5 million euros for new investments and liquidity needs, understood to be:
  • Expenditure or investment to improve and adapt premises, equipment or services.
  • Payment of salaries, rent or other fixed costs.
  • Payment to suppliers.
  • Payment of ordinary credit maturities and tax obligations.
  • Up to a 5 years with the possibility of a 12 months grace period (included).
  • 80% guarantee.

We want to help you so that we can continue to be by your side. Visit your local office to request more information.

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Tourism Sector COVID-19 ICO Facility

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