Convenience and efficiency when driving on the motorway with your business vehicles

VIA-T para empresas is not a card you carry in your wallet, but rather a device associated with a credit card, which is installed directly on the vehicle. You will be able pay when driving on motorways without having to stop at tolls.

Get in the VIA-T lane and forget about queues and waits. With VIA-T Empresas, your motorway journeys will be more comfortable because you will not have to worry about carrying money for the toll.


With VIA-T Empresas:

  • You won't have to stop for any toll.
  • You can control all journeys made in detail.
  • You will receive a statement to keep track of your expenses.
  • You can choose between centralised and mixed charge.


The conditions of the VIA-T Empresas are:

  • €40 annual issue fee.
  • €12 annual maintenance fee.
  • You can pay monthly (interest-free) or immediately.

Find out more details about this device at your Santander branch or leave us your information and request it.

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VIA-T Empresas


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