What is Confirming?

Confirming is a payment service that makes it easy for your suppliers to collect payment on their invoices in advance, without your company having to pay them until they are due.

Benefits for suppliers

  • Liquidity without consuming the limits in banks and without affecting CIRBE.
  • Guaranteed settlement of the invoices brought forward.
  • This service can be used without having to be a customer or changing banks.
  • Advance payment available in the Confirming App (for customers and non-customers), Online Banking, Contact Centre, by email, and of course, at our branch offices.

Benefits for your company

  • You will improve the image of your company or business.
  • You will have lower administrative costs by delegating to the Bank the ability to make payments to both national and international suppliers.
  • You can send payment orders through our Online Banking.


The costs of financing the advance are borne by the supplier. For you, the transaction involves a fee for opening and for maintaining the facility.

How to arrange it

If you want to arrange Confirming Santander you can register at our branch network.

For more information leave us your details and we will call you.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.


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