Centralise your business’ receipts in a simple manner

Do you need centralised management for your business? Do you have several points of sale and do not know how to group all the data? Then PC POS is your solution. You only need the internet and a network printer to print the purchase receipts.

The PC POS is ideal for companies with a high commercial activity, such as medical surgeries, law firms, businesses with integrated sales software, with various sale points or different establishments that need centralised management.


  • ontrol all the transactions made in your business using the Administration Portal, among other actions.
  • Integrate it with your sales and management software, thus avoiding duplicate data entry.
  • Get moving! Adapted to the mobility you need:
  • Wireless Card Reader (PINPad): 10 metres on the ground without obstacles.
  • Fixed card reader (PINPad): 1.50 metres of cable extension, for counter.
  • Perform secure transactions, since all our terminals comply with PCI security standards.
  • Streamline your bookings with the Pre-authorisations service.

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