How to benefit from zero fees during the first 12 months of the POS Flat Rate1

Arrange any POS product and get


months of zero fees with the
POS Flat Rate

Open your Online Banking platform to arrange the solution:

You must not cancel the Flat Rate during the promotion and must carry out at least one monthly transaction of over €1.

With a credit card2



months of zero fees with the
POS Flat Rate

Benefit from nine months of zero fees if you sign up for one of these cards:

  • Business Pack POS credit card.
  • Santander Professional Business Pack POS credit card.

You must complete at least one transaction per month with the card during the promotion.

You will still benefit from the flat rate.

With a protection insurance policy3



months of zero fees with the
POS Flat Rate

If you have signed up for the promotion and are enjoying 9 months of zero fees, add another 3 months without fees for a total of 12 months of zero fees when you arrange one of the following insurance policies:

  • Self-employed Temporary Disability Insurance.
  • Santander MAPFRE Comprehensive Multi-Risk insurance.
  • Third-party liability insurance.

You must not cancel your products during the promotion.

For new Getnet POS customers, until 30 September. Read the terms and conditions of the promotion here.

If you have any doubts, check this document with the FAQs of the promotion.

Not a Banco Santander customer yet?

Discover the available accounts and choose the one that best suits the needs of your business.


Tell us, where are you going to use your POS?


POS Get Tap on phone, turn your mobile phone into a POS

An application with which you can collect money with your phone wherever you are, without the need for anything else.

Get Central POS terminal, if you have several collection points or establishments

To centralise the management of your business with just a PC, Internet and a network printer to print purchase receipts.


Get Mini POS terminal, a card reader for your mobile

Connect the card reader to your mobile phone and turn it into a POS to cash in anytime, anywhere.


TPV Get Checkout, to sell from your website or mobile app

The payment gateway that translates visits to your website into sales. Very easy integration and the possibility of including Bizum.


Get Pay by Link, charge without a physical POS or website

The payment service with which you can get paid via SMS, WhatsApp and email. No need to have a website!


Get Smart POS, charge anywhere on the premises and with touch screen

The paid solution with 4G and WiFi connectivity that also allows you to install management apps.

Get Social Selling POS, to sell on social media

Sell on networks without having a website. A single link that does not expire for all your products. Share it wherever you need it.


Accept payments and make your sales grow

Thanks to the Getnet POS terminal1, your customers won't need cash on hand to make a purchase. This means you'll have a better chance of making a sale. This is an essential payment option in today's world, offering your customers the convenience and speed they expect. You can also take payments from the most widely used cards around the world, because the Getnet POS terminal accepts:


Fees to help you grow

Our fees are easy to understand and transparent. We have a very competitive Flat Rate that automatically adapts to the billing of your business, logical, right? You can also opt for a very affordable fee per transaction plan and thus grow your business without limits. See prices at your branch.


Your payments in don’t stop, neither do we

We know the dedication you put into having the best product and the best customer service to make your business a success. We make the same effort so that your customers can pay without problems. Our support team is available 24/7. A team of experts to give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are in the best of hands.


Manage your day-to-day via your mobile

With the POS section in your Santander app or online banking, you can manage your Getnet POS digitally. You will have all of the information available on your PC or mobile, from where you can see how your turnover is performing and find information on a sale or return, till-close reports, POS transactions and specific shops. You will also be able to contact Getnet Support in a single click and download activity, request till-close reports or report faults.



Increase your revenue and improve your service

Our DCC Multicurrency Service allows your foreign customers to pay in their home currency. It gives them greater peace of mind, because they know what they are paying and you can generate extra revenue for each non-euro transaction4. The service is free of charge and transparent for you, because you always charge in Euros.



Offer to finance your customers' purchases with plazox

Thanks to plazox, your customers can pay for their purchases in instalments if they pay with your credit card at your Getnet POS. When they make the purchase you will receive the total amount, at no additional cost to you.



POS Support

If you already have a Getnet POS terminal, visit our support page to get answers to any doubts or queries you may have.


Information of interest

1. Promotion valid until September 30, 2024 for customers who formalize the POS Registration Contract and Application (Get Smart, Get Classic, Get Mini, Get Central, Get Checkout ES and Get Moto) and the POS Flat Rate Addendum for the duration of the promotion or have not billed for 9 months with their device contracted with Getnet EU. This promotion will be extended to nine (9) months if you have contracted, as of June 3, 2024 and before the expiration of the initial 6-month promotion period (for contracting a POS terminal), at least one of these Banco Santander cards: CRÉDITO BUSINESS PACK TPV, CRÉDITO SANTANDER PROFESIONAL PACK POSV and must be made, at least one monthly transaction with the card contracted during the months in which the promotion is extended. For customers to whom this promotion has been extended to nine (9) months, it will be extended to twelve (12) months in the event of formalizing a contract, from June 3, 2024 and before the expiration of the initial 9-month promotion period (for contracting a POS terminal and a credit card) of at least one of the following insurances detailed below: Temporary Disability for Self-Employed Workers PJ 315 6, Temporary Disability for Self-Employed Workers PF 315 5, Santander MAPFRE Multi-Risk Integral Commerce and Entrepreneurs 315 46, Santander MAPFRE Multi-Risk Integral SMEs 315 47, Santander MAPFRE Multi-Risk Integral Agricultural 315 45, R.C. Integral 315 61, R.C. Integral 315 60 and must maintain the insurance contracts in force during the months in which the promotion is extended. Check the legal bases of the promotion here. Check our rates without promotion at your Santander branch. POS: POS terminal service, marketed by Banco Santander, S.A. offered and subject to prior approval by Getnet Europe, Entidad de Pago S.L.U. Getnet, Europe, Entidad de Pago S.L.U., safeguards the funds received from users by depositing in a separate account opened with Banco Santander S.A.
2. Card eligibility subject to the Bank's prior approval.
3. Insurance brokered by Santander Mediación Operador de Banca-Seguros Vinculado, S.A., N.I.F. A28360311 ("Santander Mediación"), through its distribution network Banco Santander S.A., by virtue of the agency agreement it has signed with the insurance companies: Santander Generales Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A. and Santander MAPFRE Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A. Santander Mediación is a company registered with the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds under number OV-0042 and has taken out civil liability and financial capacity insurance in accordance with current legislation. Consult the rest of the insurance companies with which Santander Mediación has an Agency Agreement for the distribution of insurance products at www.santandermediacionobsv.com.
4. Additional benefits for invoicing with international cards for transactions in the source currency. Receive all the information about these additional benefits at your branch.


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