Create online remittances easily

Different types of orders

Choose the type of order: individual, periodic, deferred.

Standardised formats

Create your remittances easily thanks to our software with standardised AEB formats.

Don't create them, import them

Import your remittances, if you already have them in AEB standardised formats, and send them directly.

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Aprende a enviar remesas desde tu Banca Online

Podrás enviar tus remesas de pagos y cobros cómodamente desde tu banca online.

How to send remittances

In order to create a remittance, you must previously register the company and the issuers with whom the procedure will be managed. Then:

  1. Import the file in order to generate the remittance.
  2. Review the data to confirm it.
  3. Generate the file for later shipment.

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