We drive growth in the food and agriculture sector with the Agro Smart Fund

The Agro Smart Fund gives you strategic financing solutions for projects on growth, sustainability, innovation, digitalisation and job creation at companies and SMEs in the Spanish food and agriculture sector. It targets SMEs and businesses with a turnover of up to EUR 100 million, with good results and a defined growth strategy.

The Agro Smart Fund will be with you during all phases of growth, financing your business project and development, organic and inorganic, national and international, with a wide range of usages for the funds. It makes use of two instruments:

  • Debt of EUR 400 million. It offers a maximum of EUR 15 million up to 15 years
  • Capital of EUR 100 million.

It covers projects with a wide range of usages for the funds (transformation of estates to more profitable crops - olive groves, citruses, almonds, pistachios, avocados - R+D+i, tangible and intangible assets, expansion of existing units, new business units, new subsidiaries, M&A, other).

Using the Agro Smart Fund to finance its activities, the business can focus on sustainable growth with projects that multiply its returns. It will also have permanent support in terms of financial and non-financial solutions.

Since this is growth funding, it does not target companies for operations to finance working capital or companies restructuring their liabilities.

The Agro Smart Fund is a Smart Fund line backed by the InnovFin SME Guarantee Facility, which has the European Union's financial support under the Horizon 2020 Financial Instruments programme.

The food and agriculture industry, an essential asset in economic, social and environmental development

The sector's solidity and consolidation have enabled it to come through round the pandemic with much better results than in other industries, and also generating wealth indirectly. Activities across the Spanish food and agriculture sector contributed around 12% to GDP in 2020, with a considerable increase in exports. The food and agriculture sector is undergoing a full transformation, in which the new challenges of climate change and new consumer habits have driven change towards a more digitalised and sustainable model with more competitiveness.

This means the new Agro Smart Fund constitutes support for a sector with considerable influence over the territory, and also has a major impact on permanent employment, making a contribution to development in rural areas and to social sustainability.

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Agro Smart Fund

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