Your harvest money, in advance

Having the value of your harvests paid in advance is one way to obtain the liquidity you need. Get it by arranging to have the payment of your harvest made into Santander, where you can request an advance payment and start enjoying it.

With the harvest advance payment you can:

  1. Get up to 90% of the expected amount for your harvest.
  2. Return the advance payment within a period adapted to the collection dates over a maximum of 11 months.
  3. Settle the interest in advance or upon maturity.
  4. Repay the advance payment upon maturity, unless the collection of the payment for the harvest occurs earlier, resulting in the amortisation at this time.
  5. Establish a personal guarantee.

Requirements for requesting the advance payment of your harvest

  • Certification of the delivery of the harvest in Banco Santander.
  • Irrevocable direct debit for the receipts.

The granting of this advanced payment is subject to the prior approval of the Bank. The availability of the amount is immediate once the advance payment has been approved.

Ask your nearest branch for an advance payment of the value of your harvests.

Shall we discuss it?

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