International clients

With Banco Santander, no matter where you are, you will always feel at home!

Non resident clients

At Santander we have a long history of doing business with customers who require a special service due to their links overseas. Neither language nor distance are factors hindering good service, we speak your language and are close to you. Through our qualified team you will receive a world class service that only the leading Financial Institution in Spain can provide. In addition, our alliances with the major banks in the Euro Zone make us the ideal option for your investments.

Residential Tourism Branches

As part of Santander's commitment to meeting the needs of all our international customers, we offer specialised services for expatriates living in Spain. We understand what expatriates living in Spain expect from their bank, and we offer a broad range of products and services, tailor-made to fit your needs.
We have assigned specialist staff in selected branches to advise and assist you with your daily banking and investment requirements, all of whom speak your language and many of whom have professional banking experience in your countries of origin. We also have specifically dedicated Residential Tourism branches which deal exclusively with expatriate business, once again staffed by multi-lingual and highly experienced professionals.




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